* Perfect*

 This day started out in a perfect way.
Six O' Clock in the morning, and the skies are ablaze with color
Sun rising over the mountains.
 Perfect Sunrise.
 Perfect gift received from Nancy @
She had a giveaway recently, I am the lucky recipient of that giveaway. 
Everything is lovely, but that magazine.. Daphne's diary... it's perfect
Spencer came over, and we got busy making freezer burritos to fill up his freezer.
We made breakfast burritos, filled with eggs, sausage, hash browns, peppers and cheese.
Chicken burritos, filled with chicken, beans and cheese, wrapped in spinach tortillas.  Last but not least, we made dessert burritos: filled with cream cheese sweetened with powdered sugar, and apple pie, or strawberry pie filling.  The dessert burritos turned out very much like apple Danish, or  strawberry and cream Danish.
All in all, we made 60 burritos for his freezer.
He's happy, and Mom is very happy to know , he won't starve to death... *smile**.
            Yesterday, we stopped by "Home Again".  A fun store filled with all kinds of goodies for the home!{ Click link if you'd like to visit their site.}
There is a lot to see in the store, and something for everyone.
I loved these chairs... they were sold of course. 
Spencer bought a set of gorgeous green glass candle holders. I didn't buy anything.... this time.
On the way home:
See those mountains.... we have to go through the mountain pass, and still travel quite a few miles to get home.
 It amazes me how much traffic there is , especially in the middle of the day. 
I always wonder... 'where are all these people going'??? 
Growing up in Utah Valley, we never saw traffic like this, except on game days ...*smile* B.Y.U. vs. U of U.
When we pass the wind turbines, traffic thins out, and we are getting closer and closer to home.
I love living in the country!!

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm so grateful for being blessed with safe travels.
~I'm grateful that Spencer's A/C in his car was fixed, and under warranty! What a savings!!
~I'm grateful we had a little time to visit the "Home Again" shop, go to the farm stand and buy fresh veggies, and go to the Salt City Candle Co. store and stock up on yummy scented candles.
~I'm grateful for the blessing of being able to live in the country.  It's nice to have cities close enough by to shop, or take care of dr. appt. , car repairs etc.. but.. it's always nice to come home
It's the perfect life for us.


  1. We could have gone consignment shopping together!!! The virtual tour was very interesting. Glad Spencer found something for his home.
    The burritos sound wonderful and how handy to have them in the freezer.
    I know you enjoyed the candle shop. Did you have a difficult time choosing a fragrance?
    Your traffic is horrible. It is very interesting to see your landscape as it is so different from ours.
    I'm thankful you enjoy your new home in the country with its gorgeous views. God has blessed us both very much.

  2. p.s. I forgot to say that you won a lovely gift! Enjoy!

  3. Wow- lucky fella to have all those homemade freezer burritos! Love your sunrise shots- gorgeous colors!

  4. Oh, wow, Kerin! Since I've been MIA you've already moved! In the blink of an eye so much happens. I love that you and Spencer made 60 burritos!! It does make a momma's heart happy to have food for her babes... no matter how old they get. ;) hugs and blessings ~ tanna

  5. Kerin, those photos are just so beautiful and that Spencer, what a cutie.You are such a good mama! I know what you mean about traffic. After living in Grass Valley for almost 30 years, it still doesn't have the traffic that the Bay area has and I don't miss it a bit and have to laugh at the locals (behind their backs, of course) when they complain..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  6. I also forgot to say congrats on your win. I am going to google that book.J

  7. I agree, love living in the country, though you are a little more in the country than I am. After living near cities for so many years, it is a treat not to drive in traffic!!!!!

    Beautiful sky!!

    That sure is a lot of burritos but great to have such a good supply on hand.

    Lucky you to win the giveaway.

    I love shops like that. : )

  8. I'm with you - country living is the best! Your pictures are beautiful, except for the traffic. :)
    The shop looks like a place I would love.
    I think you need to share those recipes!

  9. A sweet giveaway to win!! Gorgeous photos!! And, what fun shoppe to stop off! Wishing you a wonderful week!! xo Heather

  10. Aren't you the lucky one to win such a wonderful bundle! Your sky shots are fantastic, Kerin, and all of those burritos are making my mouth water.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  11. I am hungry looking at the burritos. I am a fan of breakfast burritos and I am sure these are delicious. I know I would enjoy "Home Again. What a fun, fun store!

  12. How lovely and what a perfect day. What a fun store to go visit. I would love a store like that.
    I liked those chairs too. All of it looks so wonderful. I hope you are having a wonderful week. I sure am. :)

  13. Congrats on the giveaway win.

    I'm sure your time with Spencer was great.

    That store looked like a lot of fun!

    M : )

  14. Hi Kerin, First...congratulations on your SWEET win! I've never seen a magazine called Daphnes Diary...looks really good. Wonder why I don't see it around here? I think it's precious you are cooking with your son for his freezer....mmmm...I need to do that for my son! What a great way to spend time with him and know he's not starving! Oh, that Home Again store....I saw some things I liked a lot....what a great place to shop. (I liked that iron chandy) Yes, Kerin....I believe it was a perfect day! Blessings for many more~~~Roxie

  15. I love knowing someone who feels GRATEFUL . . .
    Refreshing . . .

  16. Sounds like a fun day and I bet he will enjoy all of those breakfasts.. You must have been a long ways from home..Beautiful mountains.. Loved the store and never heard of that magazine.. Looks interesting..xo

  17. Hi Karin,
    Nice post, it looks like I could spend some money at that store. Glad you liked your win. I too love that magazine, my next issue should be here any day now. Oh Goodie.
    Nancy Jo

  18. Congratulations! Nancy Jo has the best giveaways!
    I am wanting to make those burittos for my freezer....I hope I can make them just from what you put as the ingredients or is there a recipe I must follow? I'm not a very creative cook. LOL!
    I need to live somewhere like that too. I am too far from doctors, libraries of substance and any type of culture or great shopping like the candle store and the Home fun!
    Do you get soot from your candles? I had to stop burning them but then they were BH&G from Walmart. Is it true soy candles don't make soot? I love candles but I can't repaint all the time either. I need to go check out that Home Again store! LOL! Thank goodness for the internet! Have a great day, sweetie!

  19. You indeed have so much to be thankful for. Our small town is the best of both worlds. We live in the center of it tall and it only takes 5 minutes to go to the grocery story, the beach, downtown, schools,dr's. office, etc., Our neighborhood is SOOOO quiet, especially as evening draws near. What a great country we live in!!

  20. P.S. 60 burritos!!! WOW! I don't think I've made that many in my life and I'm half Mexican!! ;) Have a great weekend -Bev

  21. Hi Kerin!

    What a beautiful sunrise! I love mornings when the sun comes up and I'm up too!

    Looks like you had a fun day making burritos. It does make a mom's heart happy to know her son is not going to starve! They sound delicious!

    We have a little shop in our small town called, Hidden Treasures. It's a fun place to shop for almost anything, and some very wonderful treasures have been purchased there!

    As always, love your gratitude list!


  22. So fun to spend a little time in the kitchen with your cute son. Love the Home Again stores. The one in Sugarhouse is so inspirational! Thank you for the comment on my furniture! The room is so small (my family calls it the Home Teacher room) that we could only fit a love seat in it comfortably. So I had my old living room set's loveseat reupholstered in the big buffalo checks. The chair is from KSL and also recovered. Fabric from Joann's on sale. I sure do love the wall color and now I'm looking for the perfect rug. Mimi

  23. Oh, the burrito idea is wonderful! I think I should have a few dozen made for my freezer!
    One of my favorite parts of this summer has been enjoying the sunrises. In the past, I have been lazy and in bed, but this summer I have to get up and I have loved loved loved those early morning sunrises.
    I'm glad you live in the country too, so so nice to get out of the mess.


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