Project Happiness

Happy New Year !!
It's wonderful to begin a shiny, brand new day, a new month,
 and a new year!
I have so many wishes and hopes for this new year.
I hope it's 'my year to shine'.
I say the same thing every year, and some years there are a few more downs, than ups.
A few more valleys than hills.
Never the less..... I try to stay positive.
I'm always so very grateful for all my many blessings.
There are many things that I'd like to accomplish in this new year.
My number one goal is to work on my "Project Happiness".
To work on finding that happy feeling, each day.
To work on finding ways to serve...... because service makes me happy.
I'm still striving to always have that "Attitude of Gratitude", and add in a huge dose of happiness.
My hope for each of us, is that this year is filled with much happiness.
Happy thought: "For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness"
                                                                                                    -Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Project Happiness goes with my word of the year.

    Wishing you much happiness in 2013!

    M :)

  2. What a great motto for this new year! Merry belated Christmas & a very Happy New Year to you & yours!


  3. Happy New Year Kerin! Wonderful goals for the year and so very inspiring! Hugs,Jen

  4. You always bring me a dose of happiness when I visit!! you are good medicine. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  5. Kerin, Happy New Year to you too! And I love reading your posts because you do have a lovely attitude on life! I feel very uplifted! Like Joyce Meyer says:(paraphrase) When feeling depressed or down and out, go do something nice or good for someone like bake some cookies or help them will take the focus off yourself and you won't feel so bad! Blessings to you and your family for 2013! Roxie

  6. Much happiness - that sounds so nice. And yes it does seem like there is a few more challenges every year then the last. So, much happiness and less stress would be something to obtain. So here is to that huge dose of happiness and managing the stress better. Happy New Year!! And Blessings to you.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  7. Your blog looks so cheery! Wishes for a happy, happy year.

  8. Service, that funny ironic thing that you do to make someone else happy, but it ends up just making you completely joyful! I need to focus on that as well.

  9. May God richly bless you in the new year!

  10. Love your post. Happiness, hmmm....Sometimes I feel I'm not a happy person. But, when I look down deep, I really am. It's a good feeling, it's also freeing!

  11. Hi Kerin!

    Great thoughts for the new year!

    All I have to do is look at your blog and it makes me feel happy and positive - I think you will have no problem accomplishing that goal! But, it's always a good thing to think about as your feet hit the floor in the morning!

    Service make me happy too - so many blessings come to us, and others, as we forget our own problems and try to encourage and help those around us!

    Happy New Year!


  12. I'm looking forward to this new year too! Time to start new!!
    Happy nEW yEAR!

  13. So good to see you, Kerin, and Happy New Year!

  14. Happy New Year Kerin!
    "Attitude of Gratitude"~ I truly that having this in our hearts does a world of good emotionally and health wise:)

    Blessings to you in this 2013!!

  15. I find some happiness every day - sometimes you have to look for it, but it's there. : )
    Happy New Year and I hope you find your bit of happiness each day.

  16. I like happy too and plan to enjoy in the midst of quiet . . .

  17. I LOVE your sunshiny bright background...just the happy happy happy I need tonight. I hope you have a fantastic New Year!

  18. I love this. Attitude is everything. Who knows what we'll face, but we can control HOW we face it! You are as cheerful as your pretty yellow blog! Love it!

  19. That sounds like a wonderful project, one I should put into place...good luck with it and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

  20. HAPPY New Year to you Kerin. Yes Stay Happy, sad and mad are not good places to be. Sometimes they can't be avoided, just don't stay there to long.
    Love the mirror you bought.
    Nancy Jo

  21. Hi Kerin, Here's to a clean fresh new year . . . May it be filled with self-discovery and expression.
    I'll be following and peeking in to see what creative ideas pop into your head. I know that you will SHINE this year . . . how do I know this?
    Because with your bright and bubbly attitude, how can you miss :)

    Your blogging sister, Connie

  22. I think you're not only happy, but full of JOY! Love your new header - it's HAPPY!

  23. I hope your year is overflowing with happiness. :-)

  24. Kerin, I don't think you could be anything but happy. And you must make everyone around you happy, including me..Take care and Happy Weekend..Judy

  25. Happy New Year Kerin! May this year be filled with many blessings and sweet joy dear friend! xo Heather

  26. Project happiness seems like an excellent goal for the year!

  27. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!! May it indeed be the best EVER!!

  28. Love this idea. I do think that happiness is something we can all strive for. This time of year is hard because of the cold and gray. I try to be a blessing in someone's life every day. Seems to help. Mimi


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