Old Stuff

 Old stuff.
New stuff to me.
Yard sales, and garage sales.
One of my favorite things to do... to find old stuff .
Like the old oar.
Great old green paint on it... almost wore off.
Step basket.. to keep things organized that need to be taken upstairs.
 Old oil lantern.
At a yard sale, my sweet husband snagged this treasure up for me.
I'm thinking of putting on a hook next to the barn door.
Old light fixture.
Perfect for the front of the granary.
My sweet husband got all the rough in done for the electrical to the barn, granary, and garage.
I'm really looking forward to seeing this light glowing each night on the granary.
 Old barn.
One of my favorite ones in town.
One day... long ago, it was the heart of the farm.
 Rafters in the old barn (above) and a wooden pulley wheel.
Hard working barn; once upon a time.
 Old side walk.
The hose laid out to give me an idea on how it would look, once the new cement was done.
I knew that I wanted a slight curve in the sidewalk.
New side walk.
Better than I imagined.
Soft curve, welcoming.
I love the perennial beds that my sweet husband and Spencer added.
Fresh paint on the porch, fresh walkway, and fresh flowers and herbs.

Yes.. I love old stuff.
And, old stuff made 'new' .....just for me.

*On a side note... my old blog is open again.  You can access old recipes, renovation pictures, etc..
just click on the link at the top of this blog.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I am so grateful that we've had the help of two of our kids all summer long.
Could NOT have gotten a fraction of the projects around here done with out them.
Countless trips to the landfill, and countless shovel fulls of yard debris.
Lawns, mowed, watering done, and of course.... all the roofing completed. 
Amazing, wonderful children. How blessed I am.
~I'm grateful that the nights are getting cooler, and the morning sunrises longer.
A touch of Fall is in the air.
We actually saw some leaves starting to change in the canyon.
~I'm grateful for the gift of two huge sacks of peaches. I'm drying them in 'Ol Harvey'.
How tasty they will be on a cold winter night.


  1. Such lovely old stuff you have there, my friend..
    Love it all..
    Your walkway is awesome..
    Sending you blessings...

  2. Hi Kerin: Your sidewalk looks so inviting and the planting beds are beautiful. Great old light fixtures..Happy Sunday..Judy

  3. It's fun to see your dreams coming true...the new sidewalk looks great! I like the old light fixture too.

  4. Hi Kerin! I love your sidewalk...I'm doing one by hand but I think it would have been easier to hire someone and cheaper too! Can I borrow your family next year? LOL!
    I sometimes think I will never get out of here if I don't hurry up and get things a movin'!
    I don't mind dying I just don't want to die here but I guess that's not in my hands is it? LOL!
    I have an old oar too...mine's red. I love all the treasures you got and I can't wait to see that fixture on your will be so cozy to look out in the snow this Winter and see it glowing. Yes, Fall is coming...I love it! Take care sweetie!

  5. I love old stuff too and you got some good old stuff. :)
    I like the new too - especially the sidewalk!

  6. I love old things! They add so much coziness to a home.

    Great sidewalk! A welcoming pathway to your front door!


  7. I love your blog . . . and your "old stuff.". Especially the lantern . . . so nice! Your sidewalk is perfect. We used the hose trick to lay out our border lines for the brick. Great helpful visual!

  8. Old stuff is the best stuff!
    Yours looks great! Sounds like your
    projects are coming right along.

    Good luck!

    M :)

  9. I love old stuff, too. So happy in a building built in 1911. I have a friend who calls it a "used" house, but I love things with history about them. Great post!

  10. Hi, Kerin
    I really like your new walkway and the front of the house looks so welcoming. You mentioned, when you visited my blog, that you'd be making lace curtains. They'll be just right for your lovely home!

  11. Looks like you found some beautiful treasures! I love your new walkway. The curve just pulls me in.

  12. If we lived in the same city, I'd be fighting you for all that cool old stuff. I love it also!

  13. What a delightful post, Kerin. I can imagine how pretty the light will look glowing on a winter's night. All of your treasures are gorgeous. The new garden and walkway are very welcoming. I wish you a nice week filled with many blessings.
    John and I are very thankful for your prayers. Mildred

  14. That's why I saw Cottage on Main come up on the reading list again! WOW! Thanks!

    I love that old barn, too.. isn't it sad that people can't take care of them anymore, for money, or other reasons... it's expensive, I know.

  15. I have an old oar like that . . . I looked and looked forever, then one day my niece called me. She was at a yard sale and they had an old oar . . . do you want it she asked? Yes, yes, yes!!!! I love that old oar and have it hanging on the wall with ivy wrapped around it. It is over at grouping of a painting, a wooden buoy, a starfish and a string of wooden fish. Perfect for my family-room decor.

    You are so much fun! I love seeing all your marvelous finds. Treasures upon treasures.

    I would love to see your galvanized bucket light. It sounds very cool. I hope that you do post it, and let me know so that I don't miss that post. Thank you so much for visiting. Have a great week, Connie :)

  16. So beautiful!
    I love your new sidewalk. It does look so inviting.

    LOVE it. Homey, welcoming.

  17. I think your new sidewalk looks super! Love how it curves a little bit. You've found some neat old things, too! Your home is looking great with the new plantings and flowers. Have a wonderful week!

  18. Had an old hitching post and old milk can and very old Books and other such old sweet stuff - but gave it to the kids and friends when we moved to Mexico for a time (because of work) now we are back and have no old stuff to enjoy looking and remembering back when with.. starting over we are indeed! What is that saying "can't take it with you when you die". But I say let's enjoy them as long as possible -- wink!

  19. Oh, I am so with you on this old stuff!! Love al your sweet treasures!! Have a beautiful week! xo Heather

  20. Love your new sidewalk- that curve makes it special- and your old "stuff" is cool- I love antiques.

  21. Wow what awesome treasures you found. The sidewalk is awesome! I love it all!

  22. Nice new side walk.
    I like some old stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  23. I love anything old too, but that barn has captured my heart! You just have to wonder about all that has happened there. I hope it will stay standing for many, many more years. But new is good too and your new walkway is so inviting!


  24. Kerin, So glad you're posting again. I've missed reading about your escapades since your old blog went silent. You and your family have done wonderful and beautiful things with your property. It's really such a service to the town. I enjoy watching your progress.

  25. Hi Kerin, It is always great to have you visit and I am enjoying following your blog. I hope that your day is filled with sunshine and is as bright and cheery as that lovely sunflower you have on your thumbprint, Connie :)

  26. Love those images. Thanks for sharing.


  27. Kerin
    I love your old stuff too. I can't wait to see how you put it all to use!

  28. I wanted to stop by and say Thank you for visiting my blog. I love all your "old stuff". Great walkway too. We are building a shed and need to come up with an interesting walkway (I think), great idea using the hose to outline it first. Hope to visit again!

  29. I love all things that are constantly going on at your place! Love the things you have bought and collect too. I can just imagine the light on in the barn, I remember that from my childhood. I don't know how anyone could afford to buy a mill and fix it back up, but that is so cool! ;)

  30. I love your walkway and all your old vintage things. Looking forward to see what you do with it all.

  31. Things are looking really good. I love the new sidewalk...the gentle curve is so inviting. So nice that your children were so willing to help you out! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  32. Good afternoon, Kerin~

    WOW....everything l@@ks great. I absolutely LOVE barns....what stories they could tell.

    Your walkway looks wonderful, so inviting. I really enjoy your photography!


  33. Hello,
    I saw you on Laura's (Goose Hill Farm) blog list.
    I so enjoyed this post. I have always been a second hand kind of girl...always trying to save a dollar. :)

  34. That came out so nicely. You guys really are always fixing up something. So productive.

  35. Kerin,
    I can see why you would like the older light fixtures, they have a lot more charm, and just make a statement that new ones don't.
    Nancy Jo

  36. Hi Kerin!

    We are indeed kindred spirits!! I love old things, they have so much character and charm! Love the old oil lamp and the old light fixture, and the oar is delightful - please post pictures of their final spot in your home!

    Fall is in the air here in Idaho! The leaves in the hills are starting to change, and the nights are just downright cold!


  37. nice post thanks for sharing..blessings


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