Barn renovation...before, and during.

 Our little brick barn is looking great!
We've been spending endless hours getting it cleaned out, re-built, and re-roofed.

 We've been working on the barn, along with about a million other projects since we first moved to this homestead in March of 2011.
Spencer above, with face mask on to protect his lungs from decades of dust and dirt.
Cleaning out more of the old hay from the barn loft. This picture was taken last Fall.
There was so much to do, to save the old brick homestead barn.
Look at the dust fly.
Also last Fall..    
Working on re-building the North wall that was completely blown out.
We knew that the wall and the roof would not survive another winter of deep snow.
So, the wall was completely re-built.. right down to the foundation timbers.
The roof was tarped to keep it as weather resistant as possible until we could re-roof it this Spring.
Before picture of the North wall.
In this picture, you can also see how deteriorated the roof of the barn was.

 A before picture of the South barn wall. You can see a glimpse of the brick interior of the barn.
In the far right of the inside wall, the brick is adobe.  The rest of the East wall and West wall are fired brick.
In this picture, you can also see , that originally, the barn had canvas covered windows that slid up and down. Completely deteriorated .
After: the same barn wall after it was re-built.
You can also see the new galvanized metal roof.
 A new partition wall was built on the inside of the barn.
A separation between 'the girls' new home, and the remainder of the barn that is destined to be my gardening room.
'The girls' get out of their brooder, and into their new home.
They are quite pleased with their new home.
Hopefully by the end of this weekend, they will have their new nesting boxes and roosts installed.
By Fall, we hope to have the following done on the barn :
~An enclosed outdoor run built for 'the girls'.
~New flip up windows made from corrugated fiberglass panels ... the windows will protect 'the girls' during the cold winter months.
~The remainder of the barn floor scraped, landscape fabric installed and 3-4 inches of pea gravel.
~Tool rack made and installed for all my gardening tools.
~A new potting bench made for my gardening area
Side by side pictures ,a dramatic difference.  So much work has gone into renovating the old brick homestead barn.
It would have been easier to tear it down, and start over.    Less blood, sweat and tears.
 Definitely less money.
However, we have a real desire to preserve things when we can, to not waste, to not be so eager to get rid of the old.
There's a history here. It can not be duplicated.

*The rest of this week, and weekend are being dedicated to hauling off debris from the sidewalk renovation. B.T.W... totally LOVE my new curved sidewalk with it's gentle, welcoming bend.
*Re-roofing the garage.  Almost 1/2 the shingles have been striped off. 
*Lots, and lots, and lots of trips to the landfill to clear away the pile of yard and construction debris that has accumulated on the West side of the barn.
*Squeeze in a date ...maybe to the drive-in with my honey.

Attitude of gratitude:
~ I am so grateful that I was blessed enough to have such a wonderful, remarkable, talented, creative, compassionate father. He taught me so much. He instilled in me a passion for learning new things, saving old things, and being grateful for all things. Even trials. He taught me that the trials in my life were opportunities to increase my faith and testimony, and to bless the lives of those around me, by setting an example and letting others be of service to you and receiving the blessings for their service.
He also taught me that it is impossible to feel sorry for myself when I was anxiously engaged in service for others.  One of the greatest lessons in my life.
When I start feeling sorry for myself,  I know that it's time to get busy helping someone else.
~I'm grateful for my wonderful family. They might not always see my vision, but they are more than willing and able to help my achieve it.
I KNOW that more times than once, they have hoped and prayed that I would find a new house.
Still, they put on a smile, and walk with me through the dust, dirt, and blood.


  1. What a lot of work, but it turned out great!

    1. Thank you Mari..
      your comment means a lot to me.

  2. What an undertaking...well worth it. And what a sense of accomplishment you surely have. I LOVE your gratitude attitude. I should...we all should...voice our gratitude more often. Y'all be careful outside in the heat.

    1. Thank you ...
      trying to foster an 'attitude of gratitude' is a personal goal for me :)

  3. What a wonderful old barn, I am so happy to see you are restoring it! You see so many old forgotten barns rotting away in the countryside, it's really rather sad. This one will get a new life! Love to hear what is happening at your place...


    1. Thanks!
      I agree.. too many barns have met their doom.
      I wish I could save them all.

  4. So glad that you are renovating the old barn. It is looking so cute. Well worth the effort.
    You could link this to Barn Charm over at Bluff Area Daily

    1. Thanks Barb...
      I'll have to look into that... I've not ever joined a link before.

  5. You all should be very proud of the job you have done. Everything looks wonderful!

    1. Thank you Mildred...
      We think it looks pretty wonderful also....

  6. That's an amazing tranformation! Lots of work for sure, but no doubt worth every minute.

  7. Looks great! I'm sure the girls do like their new digs! Nice to see the pics of before and after! Fun!

  8. You can be proud of what you've done! It's lookin' good!

  9. WOW...that all looks just awesome! You all are the hardest working bunch I have ever seen. How wonderful to love a place so much and work hard to preserve it! It's looking great, way to go. :)

  10. That is very cool! very impressive, I like it.

  11. Y'all have done a lot of work- it looks fantastic!

  12. Wow that came out so cute and I bet those chickens love their new home.

  13. Kerin: What a great transformation and I bet the girls are so happy over their new home. It usually is more time consuming, more expensive and more hard work to keep the old but well worth the effort, I think..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  14. Love the new/old barn. Charming. You are inspiration Kerin . . .

  15. Oh, Kerin! It's beautiful! What a lot of're right! Bless those dear helpers you had to make your dream a reality and bless your dear father for raising you to be such a wonderful human being and instilling such wonderful ideals in you.
    I didn't know you even had chickens! Aren't they darling and what a nice area they have. How cozy it will be come Winter. I can't wait to see your garden part when it's done. Compliments and pats on the back to all involved!

  16. Hi Kerin!
    Your barn is looking so beautiful!! I love that you have kept it, and are preserving the beauty!! Great job!! Have a beautiful evening! xo Heather

  17. Oh. my. goodness!!! LOVE the wonderful way you all have persevered in restoring this barn! KUDOS to your hard work!

    And, I love, love, love what you wrote about your Dad. I can see each and every one of those wonderful traits in his daughter... awesome!

    I'm most impressed that after that day, you still find time for date night with your beloved. You go, girl! blessings and hugs and admiration ~ tanna

  18. What a beautiful barn. It looks even better after your remodel. The chickens are too cute!
    Thanks for stopping by with your wonderful comment. Have a fun week!


  19. Hi kAREN,
    Boy that was a big job, with a great outcome. How old do you think the barn was? How nice to have a whole section for your toys. Great job!
    Nancy Jo

    1. Hi Nancy Jo...
      Actually, we suspect that the barn was built before the house was built.
      The house was built in 1918.

  20. I think it's wonderful that you are preserving the parts that can be saved. What a big job, though. The girls look like they love their new space!

  21. Hi Kerin, thank you for stopping over at my blog! I like to go to Panera Bread, it is far from our farm, so we get a bakers dozen to last us when we do get to go. It is a nice treat!

    You are doing such a beautiful job on your homestead.......the little girlies are adorable! One day maybe you can sit! Smile. We have much to do on our farm also!
    Hugs, me

  22. Hi Kerin Your barn is looking so very nice. I know you have done so much work on it, but it looks like it can take a bunch of snow now.
    I read through your other post and I have never heard of that fruit. That is so interesting.
    I am looking forward to seeing more of your photos and I liked the picture of your girls. They look like they have a nice place to live.

  23. Oh wow!!!! Totally in love with it.
    Such an amazing difference and so darling to look at.

    Only since 2011? You have made great strides.

  24. Wow, what an amazing job you did on the barn. The hard work shows and has paid off nicely. I hope to have hens one day. I'm just waiting on my husband to build a coop.

  25. Oh, Kerin~ it's just perfect!! You couldn't have built a better barn, and to think this one was just waiting around for you to give it a face-lift!! I LOVE the cute picture of Spencer in his little mask waving to the camera... that gave me a chuckle. :) And your girls have plenty of room now, so I'm sure they're happy too.
    I love what you wrote about your Dad... my Dad also instilled a work ethic in me that I am so thankful for. And he saved EVERYTHING... when I was little I used to wonder why he was always bringing stuff home that looked like junk to me, but when he started a project he hardly ever had to go buy material, he had it all right there at home. Pretty smart fella... :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

  26. hello kerin
    your barn looks great!!! great job.
    have a nice time,
    love regina

  27. Glad to see the before and the after photo - wow what nice re-do!Enjoyed your gratitude -- sweet..

  28. Kerin, I left you a comment a little while ago but it must have went into your spam comments... do you care to check? Thank you, sweetie!

  29. Hi Kerin!

    Can I just tell you how much I loved this post!? I find great satisfaction in preserving the past . . . we truly are kindred spirits, barefoot kindred spirits!!

    What wonderful pictures to document the transformation. I would have loved to see it in it's prime, with the roll-up canvas windows and all.

    It just looks beautiful, with it's old fashion charm . . . and chickens (I love chicken - but that's another post!).

    I love that your father taught you to love and serve other - that is something that all children need to learn. He must have been an amazing man! My husband and I were just called as Service Missionaries for the Humanitarian Center in Idaho Falls. It's lots of fun, but very humbling at the same time . . . service, it's so important in this day and age!!

    Loved it all!


  30. This was a great post, Kerin, and I loved the "before and after pictures". What a feat you have done there, in the preservation of the barn. Kudos! (and the girls look VERY happy!)

  31. Wow, the little barn is coming along wonderfully. I know you are so excited to have a new place for your 'girls' and some space for you to work as well. You are blessed!

  32. Looking good! What a change!

    Take time for a break and enjoy
    being eith your honey.

    M :)

  33. Looks fabulous. The girls have a great new home.

  34. Such a dramatic difference! It looks fantastic!

  35. It must have been a tremendous amount of work, but the barn looks great!

  36. Your 'new' barn is looking great, Kerin! Great job!! Love the before and after photos. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Good afternoon, Kerin~

    I LOVE what you all have done! A lot of work and LOVE was put into it and it shows!



  38. Looks like you have made great headway! You must be so excited about now. I love the chickens and I bet they love their new house. How nice it will be for you to have a garden room! I can hardly wait to see pictures.


  39. Wow, what a great job! Looks awesome!

  40. Wow what a transformation!! It sure shows that you all have put iin a lot of work on this project! So glad to have discovered your blog.

  41. You have done great job of preservation of the barn. The new house of chickens is lovely. All the best.

    - Herman Swan

  42. It's amazing what you & your family can restore! This looks great!



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