All around The Cottage..

 A crooked smile.
She is one of our new hens that we received in June.
When it looked like her beak was growing crooked, we had her beak clipped.
It's supposed to help.
It didn't.
Her beak just keep growing as crooked as can be.
 We decided that perhaps, she might have to be a meat chicken, and become Sunday dinner.
We watched her, and made certain that she was growing at the same rate as the other chicks.
Watched all the chicks to make certain that she wasn't being singled out, and picked on.
In fact.. she's doing terrific.
She's the same size as the other chickens, perhaps just a tad larger.
She has figured out how to deal with her disability just fine.
She eats mash, drinks water, and is able to eat fresh veggies just fine.
The final decision: she'll probably be a great egg layer.
Besides, she adds personality to the barn.
What name would you give her?? Let me know.

Giant pumpkins growing in the pumpkin patch.
This is a variety that is supposed to reach at least 100 pounds.
They are all well on their way to reaching that weight.
Spencer estimates that they are in the 60 pound to 75 pound range at this time.
It seems that we have about four of them. 
Although, with the vines sprawling everywhere, it's a bit hard to tell for sure.
We also have some 'Jack O' Lantern ' pumpkins.
I guess that there are about a dozen or so of them growing.
The nights are getting cooler.. but I think we need a few more weeks of hot weather during the daytime in order for all the pumpkins to reach maturity.
Amazing to me that such a huge pumpkin grows from such a dainty flower.

We've been working on the courtyard.
The area between the garage, granary and barn and patio will be a wonderful courtyard.
We had a smaller patio poured in the courtyard when they poured the front walkway.
It's about 10x10 and we have an old swing that we are renovating to place on that patio.
We have planted all perennials and a drip line will water everything.

We still have a lot to do to finish up the courtyard.
We still need to rototill some of the ground, paint the fence, build a porch on the granary, and re-install the doorway where it was originally...facing the courtyard.
Plant a lot more perennials, and lay down week block cloth and spread more pea gravel.
Also, the swing needs to be completely dismantled, and boards replaced, and the whole swing painted.
Then .. I'm sure that this will be one of our favorite places to be.
Where it's quiet,and we can enjoy the view of the homestead.
A lot of reading and star gazing will be done in the courtyard.
A bit of singing too.

**To see what else we've been up to.. feel free to visit my other blog... "Cottage On Main"

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm grateful for a long conversation with a dear friend yesterday.
She is taking care of her husband, while he battles cancer. It was so nice to visit with her, and hear her pour out her emotions. She's really like my sister, and I am so grateful for her.
~I'm grateful that Spencer and my sweet husband were able to go fishing yesterday. They caught some dandy sized fish. Perfect for a late summer meal on the patio. Love grilled trout , with lemon and butter.
~I'm grateful that all of our kids are loving school. They are pursuing their educations and goals.


  1. I'd name the hen Penny.
    Love the giant pumpkins! We'd like to grow some for the kiddos to see them, we usually just grow pie pumpkins though.
    Can't wait to see your new patio!

  2. That hen is just amazing! She has really beat the odds...maybe you could call here Serendipity or Dipity for short since she is so luckly. Those pumpkin pics and helping me accept that fall is almost here.

  3. Oh, I love your pretty pumpkins! Speaking of pretty . . . s name suggestion . . . Pretty Pearl.


  4. How about "Hope" the Hen.
    I love seeing your pumpkins. Fall is my favorite season. The courtyard will be delightful and a fun place to make family memories. Wishing you a nice afternoon, Kerin. We thank you for your kindness and prayers.

  5. I'd name her Crosby. A variation of "crossed beak" ! I know, it's strange, but it's what popped into my head. She's a cutie!

  6. What a sweet face that chicken has...I would call her, BEAK-A-LEAN-A. She is a sweet thing! Love the new area you are making, looks like it will be a fun place. :)

  7. Wow Kerin!!! You have all been so busy. I have some work for you all at our place in your "spare" time. You put us all to shame. What a cute little chicken.

  8. I'm no good with names, but I'm glad she is doing well! The pumpkins look great and I love the space you're working on. :)

  9. Oh my goodness, I have never seen a chicken with a crooked beak. Actually, I don't know if I've ever seen a chicken up that close either! I think she's sweet & would name her something pretty, like Camille.

    I can't believe those huge pumpkins! Wow!

  10. Bless her lil heart! I'm so glad she can eat well with that crooked beak! The pumpkins are looking good and I am admiring all the work you get done on your place!

  11. Your pumpkins are amazing, new courtyard looks wonderful.

    I am inspired by your mention of what you are grateful for . . . We need to each make that part of each day . . .

  12. Amazing that she eats ok.
    How about Mohammed Ali. Wasn't his beak crooked?

    Pumpkins look great. I love those vineyard plants.

  13. Hi Kerin: I can't think of a name for her but she is amazing. Oh, I just said it, Amazing Grace. Can't wait to see all your hard work become a reality..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  14. Your hen sounds like she's been through a lot. Maybe Lucky Girl. I love all your pumpkins. I have a few but not that big. It looks like fall in your garden! Just beautiful.


  15. Aaah, poor sweet thing. Look at all your gorgeous pumpkins!!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  16. What an amazing story that little chicken has! How blessed she is to have you and your family as her care keepers. Two names come to mind: Millie = strength, determination or Carla = one who possesses strength.

    Love the pumpkins! I so want to eat pumpkin now! Ha, ha! Beautiful post. Thanks for letting us see a little-bit of your world. :)

  17. Hi Kerin!

    What a cute little chicken - there is no way I could eat her... ;0) I would probably call her "Twisted Sister", yes, I'm kind of crazy!!

    Your garden is amazing, love those bright orange pumpkins, what a wonderful treat for Autumn!

    Fishing!! I'm so glad that you had grilled fish - yum yum!


  18. This chicken look very pretty..And this is nothing that she has got that spout. She's very pretty and unique :)
    I greet Ilona of Poland

  19. What a great project you are creating; the results will be worth it.

    That poor chicken....very odd. You are sweet to care for her so well.

    And those pumpkins!!! Marvelous!! You will have lots of pie material and soups for the winter.

  20. I'm sorry I'm so behind, that little chicken, what a brave little hen she is, growing in spite of her handicap. I'd keep her around for a long time, just because she deserves to grow to a ripe old age. You are getting so much work done. I gotta say, I wish I had the help you have. I'm really depressed about my yard, it's a mess, and it used to be so beautiful. But I just can't do it all myself.

  21. Glad to hear the chicken is pulling through! Your pumpkins look wonderful! :)

  22. Poor little gal! I would name her Rosie because she continues to bloom and amaze! :)
    Kerin, your place looks so wonderful... and I love your beautiful pumpkin patch! A great place to watch for the Great Pumpkin on Halloween... *giggle*

  23. Poor girl, but it sure doesn't appear to bother her!
    I imagine your friend felt a burden lifted a bit after talking to you...nowadays hardly anyone has time to sit and just "listen" to someone pour out their hearts.

  24. I would name her Chewlotta...... or Charlotta....or Henny Penny....so cute and such a strong spirit to rise above her disabilities...

    What beautiful pumpkins!

  25. I had a hen like that once.. she did fine, too!

  26. I would give your little hen a BEAUTIFUL name! She deserves it! She has overcome amazing obstacles and she may be your best egg-layer! Thanks for your visit, Kerin!

  27. I think I'd name the hen Lulu ~ cause she is one!
    Looking forward to watching the pumpkins grow and the courtyard progress.

  28. Hi, Kerin! Your pumpkins are amazing! I wish we had grown some this year...♥ LOVE your sweet little hen-lady (you know I have chicken-envy!) I would name her Grace, for the grace in which she has overcome her disability...♥

  29. karen,
    Oh for heaven sakes, what a brave little hen. She sure looks like she is doing just fine. I guess I would name her sunshine.
    The pumpkins look great. Charlie Brown would be proud.
    Nancy Jo

  30. Oh, Kerin. It is so good to be catching up this morning!! Pearl. I think she is a Pearl. I'm amazed that she is thriving in spite of that beak AND that the other chickens haven't picked on her (they always seem to be cruel about that with each other). Man, those pumpkins are fabulous and your courtyard is going to be such a nice place to enjoy. Blessings to you and yours, dear one. t.

  31. Good for her at adapting so well! Great looking pumpkins, by the way.

  32. Hi Kerin,
    Nice to catch up on what you have been doing. You sure make your corner of the world a better place to be!! Lucky neighbors you have:). Everything looks so wonderful. We have had a good pumpkin year as well. It will be fun to put them out on the porch next month. The latest rainstorm massacered our sunflowers. I have loved looking at them this summer.

    I think a great name for your chicken would be Sunflower because she seems to turn toward the light :)!!

    I hope all is well with you and your family. Maybe my life will slow down some so that I can blog a bit more and visit more often.

    Have a great weekend.
    Thanks for your nice comments.

  33. Beautiful Photos :D **New Follower** :D Love the pumpkins x

  34. Love the pumpkins! Ours aren't doing anything this year. Lots of vines but nothing else.

  35. Love the pumpkins! They're so healthy for you too...seeds and all. Your courtyard is really coming along and going to look so gorgeous when you're done. Drip line watering....very smart! In my next residence that's all I'll be doing as it is economical, more efficient and also time saving! Plus, I'm getting old! LOL!
    I didn't know you had another blog....where have I been? I'm going there now!

  36. Dear Kerin,

    Thank you for sharing Grace's story. I was deeply touched. Grace is a very special chicken.

    God bless.

    Love and care from Kerrie xoxo

  37. Dear Kerin,

    I sent you an email yesterday regarding Grace. Did you get it? In not, it may have gone to your 'spam or junk' mail folders.

    I hope you have a blessed day.
    Love and care from Kerrie xoxo


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