So it begins....

                                 (picture from last summer.. winding road past Electric Lake)
Winding canyon roads.
Pine trees, lakes, and wildlife.
Clear Creek is starting the summer season.
That means that Spencer is back to work.
He finished up his college semester, packed up his gear, and his bagpipes.
For the next few weeks, he will be staying in the administrators room.. referred to as the ' Princess Room'.
Queen size bed, wi-fi, attached bathroom.  Yep.. the name fits.

                                              (picture from last summer... coal train)
In a few weeks, we will be towing the 'Tin Can Cottage' up there for him to live in for the rest of the summer.
He has his own 'Tin Can', so if he gets it ready in time, he'll take that.
Over the weekend.. Spencer was kind enough to help me get the last section of the garage painted.
He and Brooke scraped the loose paint off and sanded it.
Then.. I made him change into his "Huckleberry Finn" painting clothes, and he and Brooke got the painting done.
We still need to replace and trim out the window.
Still... so much better than it was.
Off to the left, you can see the granary. 
We are putting a door in the granary, and a porch on that side.
The area between the granary and garage will become a beautiful courtyard.
There is a little town and a big lake about 1/2 mile from the school district camp.
Scofield town, and Scofield Reservoir.
You can read about the worst mining disaster that ever happened in Utah
.Click on link below:
It happened in the town of Scofield.
Hoping to get some fishing in at Scofield reservoir this summer.

Dinner time for this eagle.
As bald eagles do not get their white head feathers until they are at least five years old, I'm not certain if this was a bald eagle or a golden eagle.
Dinner was interrupted by some very rude people taking his picture.
Off he flew.
Waiting patiently until the intruders are gone.

Spencer LOVES working at the summer camp.
He cuts down trees, keeps the generator, and water tanks going.
Mows and trims the lawns.
Keeps the rope course maintained, and fire pits cleaned and stocked for night time bon-fires.
What ever the camp needs.. he does.

We love the ride to and from camp, through the mountains,
and past the lakes.
The most wonderful commute ever.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I am so grateful that Spencer has his summer job. So grateful that the school district budgeted the funds to retain him.
~I'm grateful for church on Sunday, and for fast and testimony meeting.
It's always so up-lifting to hear others testimonies, and hear their gratitude for the blessings in their live.
~I'm grateful that we were able to get so many things accomplished over the weekend.
Feels more and more like our 'Forever Home'.


  1. Those canyon roads and lake are beautiful but look lonely. I will be looking forward to seeing each of your projects when they are finished - such satisfying work! Best wishes to Spencer as he spends his summer at the camp.


    1. Oh Betty.. this area is so beautiful.
      It does look a bit remote and lonesome in my pictures.. that's just because it's always Sunday when we drive him back up.
      Plus.. it's been really cold here... as soon as it warms up, those mountains will be full of campers, and fishers :)
      Thanks for your sweet wishes for Spencer.
      He certainly has a blast up there :)

  2. Sounds like dream summer job, perfect for a young man. He will remember this job for rest of his life and will tell stories of it to his children.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

    1. I think it's pretty cool too!
      I wish I would have had a job like that when I was his age!!

      Lucky duck :)

  3. Everything is looking good. I know you were grateful for the extra help over the weekend. What a great sounding job for Spencer. I enjoyed these photos of the beauty all around you. Have a wonderful week and a very Happy Mother's Day, Kerin.

  4. It sounds like the start of a wonderful summer!

    What an opportunity!

  5. Hi Kerin: You have some beautiful country around you. I will anxiously await the courtyard. Thanks for the history. Living in a gold mining town, I love the old stories. It sure was a dangerous business. Can you imagine showing corpses in caskets nowadays?..Happy Monday..Judy

    1. No, I can't imagine it.

      I remember my grandpa telling me stories that he had heard about the mine disaster.
      He wasn't born until 1909.... but, the disaster was still very much on the minds of everyone.
      So sad.

  6. Hi Kerin!! Such beautiful photos!! You are truly blessed with such pretty country life!! Your garage looks great!! Thanks for sharing the history of Scofield!! xo Heather

  7. I love seeing scenery from other parts of the country. Thanks for sharing! And...your garage is lookin' good!

  8. Hi Kerin, Thanks so much for your wonderful comments to my blogs. I love your blog too with all your beautiful photos and inspiring projects. Have a relaxing Mother's Day!


  9. What great pictures! Never heard of this area.
    I sure your son enjoys his job.


  10. Wonder if the coal train is the one that comes by my house.
    Wouldn't that be interesting? You could send me messages in the graffiti that is written all over the cars. (That just doesn't really sound like you tho')

  11. I am enjoying reading through your posts and getting to know you. Relaxing and peaceful. I like your closings, Attitude of Gratitude.

  12. Garage is looking great= always nice to have a good painter around- I am pretty sorry at paint jobs. Have a great week!

  13. Hi Kerin, your photos are just beautiful! So happy to hear your son has a job and will be keeping it - especially in this economy! We need to do the same for to our garage . . . do you think your son would like to come to Massachusetts for a painting job? LOL!!! Hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day!

  14. What a great job! I would still love a job like that! I probably couldn't do it but I sure would love to live up there! What a wonderful young man Spencer sounds like. I'm sure your whole family is. The garage looks great...isn't it amazing what a little paint will do? I need to remember that! LOL! Back to my never ending list but it is wonderful to see progress isn't it? Have a great week and I so appreciate the pictures! Thank you!

  15. Your pics are great! I love the eagle ones. I love to watch them, when we have the occasion to see them!
    The garage looks good too. Gotta love a nice new coat of paint!

  16. You truly live in a beautiful part of the world, with nature right at your doorstep!

  17. Oh man! Are you living the LIFE or WHAT??? I'm a little jealous....

  18. such gorgeous scenery. love the lilacs in front of that shed/garage! :)

    thank you for finding my blog and leaving comments! really appreciate it! blessings!

    Sorry about the frost ugh..we want nice weather ~!! Hugs,Patty

  20. Just catching up, Kerin. So many good things going on in your world. The little garage is really looking good. How wonderful that Spencer is helping with it before he heads off to camp (THAT sounds fun).

    How nice to live in a place where the funeral processions still have horses. beautiful. blessings ~ Tanna


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