All around The Cottage.

Horses and wagons .
Not an uncommon site where we live.
Sunday, a few of our great neighbors were out for a wagon ride.
Craig and M'lissa took Brig and Julie for a ride in the wagon, and Robert stopped by to say 'hi'.
Every day, there's a horse and wagon, or horse and rider about town.
Love it.
 Sunday evening... we took our own ride.
In the modern wagon.. aka.. the Tahoe.
We rode out to Pigeon Hollow drive .
The fields are beginning to green up, as are the mountains.
Signs of life.
 Had to take a picture of this old homestead that was nestled against the foot of the mountain.
Imagine living on this homestead back in the day.
 I made a batch of rosemary sea salt to put next to the range.
Perfect seasoning.
 Combined a few sprigs of rosemary, some sea salt and black pepper.
I tested it out on a roast for Sunday dinner.  The roast was delicious.
 I put the rosemary sea salt in this cute jar.
I found two of these little jars at the D.I. in St. George on our trip down there a few
weeks ago, and I knew just what I wanted to do with them.
I used one for my rosemary salt, and am going to give the other jar to a friend.
 Cut up lemons and rosemary sprigs.
Simmered on the stove.
Made the entire house smell divine.
 Sprigs of rosemary on the table. Perfect.
For those people that can grow and use rosemary year round, you may be tired of it.
For me, summer time is the only time that rosemary will grow around here, and I cannot get enough of it.
 Three old potato mashers.
 I set them on the shelf, took a good look at them
and decided which one I wanted to make a recipe holder out of.
 The one with the red handle won out; as it had a sort-of flat surface to glue a clothespin to.
Works like a charm.
Held my recipe for 'Rustic Bread' perfectly.
 I made a batch of 'Rustic Bread' for dinner.
 I stirred some fresh rosemary into one of the loaves, and sprinkled just a touch of rosemary sea salt on the top. 
Sun set.
Another week gone by.... and the end of a month too.
Signs of life ..... the crab apple trees are in blossom.
Just another week  all around The Cottage.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm so grateful that Spencer and my sweet husband were able to get a huge renovation project done yesterday without incident.
I feel so much better knowing that the floor joist under the huge double book cases is now doubly supported.
~I'm grateful that the pressurized irrigation is now turned on. Means that we can begin planting.


  1. Wonderful post. Love all the pictures. I would love to see your home.

  2. Love all the beautiful rosemary!! Your rustic bread looks so yummy!! I can imagine how life would have been like to live in that homestead. Peaceful! I like how you used the old potato mashers for recipe holders! Brilliant!! Have a great day!! xo Heather

  3. How fun is that? A wagon ride. Something peaceful about the clip clop of the hooves and creaking of the old wagon parts. You have some pretty countryside there.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  4. LOVE that seasoning, Kerin. Huge fan of rosemary, but my chickadees not so much so I don't use it as much as I'd really like to. I think I might make this mix just for me. I haven't enjoyed it in a while.
    LOVE the mashers as recipe holders too. Great idea.
    Now, is your Rustic Bread recipe one that you'd be willing to share. I'm a baby baker and just barely started trying out breads. Baby baker as in breads, but have baked desserts for a while. This bread business is a whole other animal. ;) Any tips would be very appreciated. So far I've made Jewish challah. I like breads on the sweet side.
    Anywho, this was a fun visit...as usual. ;) Thanks for stopping by. Yes, bloggy friends are the best. :)
    Much love,

  5. your pics are great! i like rosemary on a roast too. just made a pot roast the other day with some!

  6. Hi Kerin: Is is dumb of me to ask how you make rosemary sea salt? You will see that I can't cook or make anything without a recipe. We grow rosemary all year long, but I still love the smell around in the Cottage..Happy May Day..Judy

  7. That sounds like such a perfect community! I love horses too. That homestead sounds and looks perfect for me! I want a fixer upper! What a gorgeous place! You live in just a gorgeous area. I walked today but haven't felt good since...it was 87 today with lots of humidity. I may have to take a break tomorrow. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. Hope all is well with you!

  8. What a fun and interesting post, Kerin. I would love seeing the wagons/horses, etc. You have such magnificent views there to enjoy. I love the fragrance of rosemary. The jars you purchased are perfect for the rosemary salt. I like the idea of simmering lemons/rosemary, too.
    Great idea with the potato masher; the bread looks scrumpcious! Wish I could sit a spell and share a cup of coffee with you! Have a restful night.

  9. Oh, I love this post. I thought the photos are just pleasant and appealing. I like that you are grateful and tell us what you are grateful for.

  10. Loved every bit of this post, Kerin! The wagon rides and Tahoe rides... the rosemary in all its wonderful uses (I LOVE the smell... and am excited about trying it simmering with the lemon!)... the BREAD! Oh, my... the smell of that WITH the rosemary! And, what a view... {sigh}... thank you for the moment of joy. blessings ~ tanna

  11. Hi Kerin,

    I just love all your pictures. Nice how the mountains and all are getting green. I love horse and wagons too. it has been a very long time, almost 10 years since I last rode a horse. :)

    I love your idea for the potato masher. Is your recipe for Rustic bread here on your blog? I have made Jewish Challah (sp) too, ages ago. Homemade bread makes my mouth water. And I love to smell it baking. lol

    Have a wonderful day. Take care, Janet W

  12. Wagon rides are so much more fun than car rides. Love that little homestead. My hands get itchy to want to fix it up and move in when I see these sweet little cottages. Your rustic bread looks so good. I so miss eating real bread! But, have to skip them because of gluten intolerance. Thank you for stopping by my blog and signing up to follow!


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