I have become enamored with deep charcoal colored paint. Completely gaga.
For quite a while, I've been looking at ReStore for charcoal or black paint.
Never had any luck..... until about 2 weeks ago.
Then, I scored two - five gallon buckets.
As soon as we had a day with temperatures above freezing... I painted all the exterior doors this gorgeous charcoal color.
Made a basket filled with daisies and ivy, and happily hung it on the door.
 I need to put another coat of paint on the doors, and razor around the glass.
As you can tell, the charcoal color has a lot of green undertones.
Spencer took the pictures for me.
I had to laugh.... every picture he takes is slightly askew.
I wonder if his right leg is shorter than his left leg?!
 Speaking of Spencer...
He has been putting in hours and hours of practice on the bagpipes.
He has offered to play at funerals for free, and the phone is ringing off the hook.
He has also been asked by a local mortuary to play for funeral that they have.
He plays beautifully, and enjoys it so much.

Bountiful Baskets was this past Saturday morning.
Everyone here forgot all about it, and slept in.
At 7:00 am.. the doorbell rang, and one of the volunteers delivered our produce.
So thoughtful.
Now, I need to ripen the pears and make something with them.
Any ideas?
Maybe I'll end up making a few jars of pear butter.


  1. Kerin ,love the new color of your doors and the basket of daisies on it is beautiful!I have always loved the sound of bagpipes and think it is so cool that Spencer plays them! Pear butter sounds yummy! Spring blessings,Jen

  2. Your door looks lovely! The basket is so Springy too.
    Good luck to Spencer-I have heard that the bagpipes are hard to learn. Is that true?

    Welcome to Country Dreaming and Thank you for joining the fun! Hope to see more of you.
    I am YOUR newest follower.


    1. Hi Melinda..
      Yes the bagpipes are very difficult to learn to play.
      Spencer had an interest.. saved all his money from his summer working on the mountain, and sent off to Scotland and bought his pipes.
      He has taught himself to play with a few pointers from a friend, and the rest is history :)
      I love to hear him play.
      He has also played for city functions.
      Great opportunities!

  3. Me again--I just added you to my sidebar.

    Have a great day!!!


  4. Your door is so beautiful!! Love the color and daisies!! The pear butter sounds divine!! xo Heather

    1. Heather..
      I'm glad someone else besides me likes the charcoal :)

      Pear butter.. or pear tart.
      I'm certain we'll make something yummy :)

  5. The door looks lovely, the basket so cheerful (I'm crazy about daisies). ;) Bagpipes always make me cry, a good cry that is. Their sound pierces my soul. It's beautiful to me. When our son finished his firefighter training, the ceremony included bagpipe players and I cried like a baby. He's a full time college student now and I'm sure there will be other graduations, but that was the most beautiful graduation ceremony I have ever attended.
    Pear tart comes to mind for those lovely pears.
    Much love.

  6. Marcia..
    I agree with the sentiment about bagpipes.
    Sometimes pipe music makes me feel melancholy, and sometime cheerful... depending on the song.
    'Scotland the brave' really puts a smile on my face :)

  7. I don't usually like grey but this deep color is perfect for the door and the flowers just top it off perfectly! Yay for bagpipes, love them! ;)

  8. I'm so glad to see you back in blog land kerin. I have missed your blog. Nancy

  9. I'm like Julie and don't usually like gray, but I think your door looks great. The beautiful basket of flowers really adds the finishing touch!

    I think bagpipes have a wonderful sound, and it's a really wonderful service to be providing the music free!

    Enjoy your week!

  10. I'm so glad you started blogging, wanted to thank you for coming by and leaving a comment...
    Have a blessed Easter...

  11. Kerin, I'm stopping by with the link to my new blog. Needed a change...again. ;)
    Hope to see you there as I'm enjoying our visits again.
    By the way, this is Marcia.

  12. You scored for sure with the charcoal gray paint...I love it!
    Before my son got married, he mentioned to his to-be bride that he wanted bagpipes played at his funeral. Well, he can't enjoy the beauty of their song while in the grave, can he? So she did one better. She had them played for him after their wedding reception. It was only the two of them with the photographer and the bagpipe player. I'm told that he was very moved by her thoughtful gesture. I love her for that!


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