All around The Cottage....

 Rosemary sprigs.
I wanted to get a few more rosemary plants started to put in
pots around the cottage this summer.
We bought two huge rosemary plants at the nursery in St. George.
As you can see by the picture... their rosemary plants were already in bloom.
My hubby commented how he had never seen rosemary in bloom.
Generally, our rosemary never gets the chance to mature to the point of blossoming before cold weather hits, and it freezes the plant.

Believe me..I am going to stretch this rosemary just as far as I can.
I'm going to start more plants, make rosemary salt, dry some fresh rosemary sprigs, etc.. etc...
My daughter laughed at me, and told me that every summer when the rosemary will grow, the family already knows that everything will get a dose of rosemary.
I make no apologies... rosemary is my all time favorite herb.
 Beans sorted and rinsed. Ready to go into the electric pressure cooker.
It's my favorite way to cook beans. So quick and easy.
I'm going to make up some bean, beef and cheese burritos to re-stock the freezer.
We also stock the freezer with breakfast burritos made with natural sausage, eggs, and cheese, and peppers.
Having the freezer stocked with a variety of burritos certainly comes in handy.
Anyone can grab a burrito and go.
 It was nice to get a little reading in this weekend as well.
I picked this book up at the thrift store in St. George.
It's been a fun read so far.
I'm hoping that I'll be able to squeeze a lot of reading in this summer.
I used to make time for reading.... but, then life got busier, and busier.
Hoping to make a dent in my pile of books this summer.
 Enjoying the new wreath on the front door.
Still loving the charcoal gray color too.
The great idea .
Remember that I mentioned that I had a great idea when I was in St. George?
Well, everywhere we saw these great entry posts.
Not that entry posts are a new idea for me.
We've had them at our old houses before.

The thing I fell in love with about these entry posts, is the fact that they are painted a contrasting color to the fence.
Love it.
We've decided that we would like to have this same style of entry posts and contrasting fencing around our cottage.
I really love the fact that it's not matchy-matchy, and it really is
so attractive.

Attitude of gratitude:
~I'm so grateful for the blue sky and sunshine today.
Makes me energized to work outside.
~I'm grateful that our youngest is about done with college for the year.
~I'm grateful that this just might be the week that we get the garage painted.


  1. HI Kerin!! Love how you displayed the rosemary!! I actually have never thought of that, only with lavender, so thanks!! Your grey door is beautiful!! I have aways wanted a grey door, and a grey barn! One day!! Have a lovely Monday!! xo Heather

  2. Can you root rosemary that way? I have Rosemary that I planted last year and it lived through the past winter but I have never seen it bloom either. When does it bloom? Basil and rosemary and lavender (which I have never been able to grow)are my favs. I love rosemary roast chicken and rosemary cashews. I love your idea about the painted posts but then I don't even have a fence! LOL! But some day!
    Where is St. George? Where do you live?

    1. You bet!
      You can also root rosemary by cleaning off the bottom part of the sprig and planting it in good quality potting soil and keeping the soil moist.

      Rosemary will bloom once it has reached maturity, throughout the growing season.

      St. George is in Southern Utah.. about 3 hours from our Mountain Valley in West Central Utah.

      We live in one of the most beautiful little cities.
      Voted one of the prettiest cities by Forbes magazine :)

  3. Good Afternoon Kerin, I love the wreath on your pretty door. Very welcoming! I love rosemary, too, and thankfully it grows very well here in our red clay. I always enjoyed including a little bunch with the bow on Christmas presents. Your burritos sound so delicious to me and how smart to wrap them individually. Can't wait to see your new entry posts. Enjoy your day. It is extremely windy here today - a bad hair day, for sure!

  4. The crockpot is the best way for me to cook beans too. If I do them on the stove I can bet on burning them. I always forget to put in more water. Making the burritos to freeze is a great idea too.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

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  6. It's funny because I see those places all the time and never thought of taking any pictures!

    1. I'm the same way with my home town--LOL :)
      I DO love those green entry posts... they are awesome !

  7. Try taking sprigs of rosemary and tucking it under the skin before roasting. Smells so good. Love your wreath and your door.

    1. Thanks Elaine...
      I've done that before when roasting are right, it is delicious and smells heavenly :)

  8. Howdy,

    Your pictures in the post before this are lovely. Happy Anniversary. I love the picture of the St George Temple. I have only seen it once in person. About 30 years ago as we went south on the interstate. Quite a sight to see as you come around the bend.

    Might go to the open house/ dedication to the new Brigham City Temple. We should be living in Logan by then.

    Your new wreath is pretty. And the entry posts is a great idea.

    Gotta run. Take care, Janet W

  9. Sounds like you are going to be busy.

    I do like your wreath.

    Have a great Tuesday.


  10. Hi Kerin, I love your wreath and your pretty gray door!

    About the rosemary, I planted my first one last year and it came back this spring but it is very woody. Do you think it will be okay or should I just ditch it and plant another? I love rosemary, but know nothing about growing it!

    Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

    1. Hi Cheryl..
      I've never had a rosemary come back ..LOL!
      It's always winter killed.
      First, I would prune it back and give it a dose of fertilizer.
      If that doesn't get it growing new growth, and new softer stems, then I would try to take a sprig off and root it in some water and get a new plant going that way.
      Good luck :)

    2. Thanks, Kerin! I had intended all winter to move my pots of herbs and Knockout Roses off the patio and into the garage. But we had such a mild winter that I guess it didn't hurt them. The roses are great and the herbs all came back except the basil. We did have some below freezing temps but not like normal winters here. I'll cut the rosemary back and see what happens!

  11. Thanks for your visit! Nice to meet you, and I am also following YOU! Love those entry posts. They make a welcoming "hello" for entry to your lovely house.

    Rosemary is wonderful, and glad you appreciate it, too.

  12. Hi. Thanks for stopping by and following us! The rosemary is great! I love a little herb garden. I'm now following you.

  13. Hi I'm new to your blog! It's lovely! I also live on Main St. in a small town! I love it too! I can't wait to plant my herbs, I'm a huge fan of Rosemary too! It was so nice to stop by and visit today.

    When you have a moment please stop by and visit, I love company and new friends are always welcome!

    Have a great day!


  14. What a wonderful crop of rosemary ya have there. I'm covetin' that beautiful wreath of yours sweetie!!!

    I freeze everything, the kids used to call me the 'Freeze Queen'. Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have yourself a super great day!!! :o)

  15. Kerin,
    Your post made my heart relax after four days of non-stop worry... thank you so much!

  16. I love rosemary too. It's so easy to go outside and pick fresh herbs for your recipes.
    Just found your blog and I'm a New Follower.


  17. Kerin
    I love rosemary too and din't even know it would ever bloom.
    The entry post are neat-not something you see where we live.

  18. hi kerin
    i love rosemary too!!! i need more plants of rosemary in my garden.
    lovely photos.
    have a wonderful day,

  19. I enjoy your blog! Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs too. It grows all year here and can get quite large.


  20. I LOVE rosemary too. I have a plant right outside my door. BTW-the Hispanic ladies make a tea with it and they say that it is excellent for hair! Who woulda thought? I also read the other day that cooking your own dry beans is better for your health because the canned ones have so much BPA in them.......Who woulda thought? ;-)


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