~ Summer Scrapbook ~


Summer sunflowers.

Sleepy morning bees...still sleepy from gathering pollen.

Sweet little sheep, grazing in a field. 
On an early morning ride, we saw these sheep in a nearby town. They are very small and quite sweet looking, though I haven't any idea what kind they are.

We drove to Loa to a shop to have new tires put on one of our vehicles. Loa is close to Capitol Reef National park.  This cute old truck was at the gas pumps. 
Love it!

Lots of beautiful skies this summer. 
Most mornings we go for a walk, and what a treat to see such beautiful morning skies. Although, most evening skies are equally beautiful.

Sea Holly. This has been a good year for our flowers, and the sea holly is gorgeous. 

For July, I put out buntings and this sweet Uncle Sam porch sitter that I made years ago. I gave him a refresh this year with a new wooden USA tag. 
July is a big month in Utah... not only do we celebrate Independence Day, but Pioneer Day as well.
Also, both of our sons have birthdays in July, one of our daughter~in~love, and our only Grandson has a birthday in July!!!

There is a great barn door and shutter-making factory in our area, and many times they will have scrap wood that is free for the taking. It is a great benefit for the community to have the free wood, not only for making cute crafts but also there are those that heat with woodburning stoves, and that scrapwood is so nice for that.
We used a bit of the scrapwood to make these sweet little 'lathe' stars. I put one on all the exterior doors of our house for July.

Another day, another beautiful sky.
New French-style bistro in our area. 
There is a darling patio attached to the bistro as well, strung with cafe lights and cute French-styled bistro chairs and tables.

July hutch... all the red white and blue. 
Barn on the property just west of us. This barn belongs to the people that sold off 40 acres of their farm and made our subdivision. We are still on 'farm share' water, and we pay just $10.00 a month for pressurized irrigation.
Incidentally, the couple that owns the farm, and barn, and sold the land for our subdivision, lives in our ward. The Mr. told me that this land is fertile and some of the best farmland he had ever had!

We made this sweet 'Garden Angel' with scraps we had. The shutters were given to me by a friend when we lived in Spring City, the head and wings and arms were from the scrap wood pile at the factory that I mentioned previously.
The wheelbarrow was a curbside find and given a bit of a crafty makeover. 

I am enjoying this summer so much. It's been a long time since I remember enjoying summer so much! Usually, I tend to wish summer away a bit. 
Especially as I have gotten older the summer heat just zaps me, but not this year! I am loving all things summer and each and every day has been a blessing and a treat. I am thankful for this summer.
So many good things and blessings plenty this summer. My cup runneth over.


  1. Wonderful photos of your summer. : )
    Mornings are my favorite time of day.
    Love that sunflower!
    July is a big birthday month in my family too.
    Son, two grand daughters, mother, step grandpa, and grandma in law. Last three are no longer here with us.

  2. All your pictures are so pretty today!
    I've been really enjoying summer too. It goes so fast and then winter is here, so I try to take it all in.
    I love the little stars you made for your door.

  3. It was nice to look at your photos... the sky is impressive...
    I wish you a lot of fun in the French bistro. French pastries are absolutely delicious.
    Have a happy day. Many greetings from Viola

  4. Its so nice to see all of the pictures and you have been so busy when you see all that you have done and are making. I am so glad you are enjoying this summer.

  5. Hi Kerin! Oh my goodness, your photos are just gorgeous!! You have beautiful skies! I love the story about the man who sold his land for the subdivision...10.00 for water is an amazing price. Now I know why you have such a gorgeous plants! Summer has been hot and windy, but I have also been enjoying it this year. But, I'm really looking forward to autumn, it's my favorite time of year! We had Stake Conference last week-end. It always give me a spiritual boost and reminds me of, God's love for His children. I love the pictures of the bees, so beautiful! My sunflowers haven't even bloomed yet (we got a late start), but they will hopefully feed the cute little bees when they do. Loved your always. See you soon! Hugs, Barb


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