~ A few of my favorite things~

 A Scottish Highland cow and calf.
This sweet little mama and calf are in a field at the end of our subdivision, and we sure enjoy seeing them on our walks. 

An old trunk: a gift from my husband's cousin. It belonged to a great, great-grandma.
I just love the stamped metal on this old trunk...such a sweet pattern.

"Our mountains". When the days are mild and warm enough, we go for 'scooter' (side by side) rides all around the trails in our mountains.
It is an absolute blast to go exploring the trails and see all the beauty right in our own backyard.

Home refresh.
We are getting ready to paint. We have painted quite a few rooms since moving here just over two years ago, but we are going to finish painting the rest of the rooms, and then after Christmas, we are having new carpet put in. 
I love, love being able to refresh our home.

Sea holly still blooming.
I love gardening, and even though I'm not spending time in the yard currently because of the colder weather, it's still fun to see what is hanging on in terms of plants.

This week:
Painting, painting, and more painting.
Continue to organize and fill donation boxes.
Dehydrate more pears and apples.



  1. I sure do like that trail road.
    What a great old trunk and so special that it has been in the family for so long.
    I've done my share of painting over the years!! When it's done everything looks so nice and fresh.

  2. Oooh, I like your favorite things.
    I'm a big fan of the Scottish Highland cows and I can't believe you can see the real thing. Those calves are just adorable.
    Your view on the trails is so pretty.
    We have a similar trunk that was Bob's grandpa's. It's a treasure.
    Hooray for new carpet and paint!

  3. Kerin, I think those are the cutest breed of cattle. Love their bangs. It is always great to refresh and that beautiful little rose is hanging on for dear life..Happy Monday..xxoJudy

  4. Refreshing your house sounds wonderful. I daydream about that (not about refreshing YOUR house) :) but I just haven't found the strength lately. I've painted almost every room in the years we've been here but still have a few to go. We need new carpet too but honestly I'm a little nervous about having to move everything from room to room while they work. I bet it'll be beautiful when you're done!

  5. Hi Kerin!

    That cow is so pretty! There is a place near a cemetery where my grandparents are buried that raise that same breed, they are so gorgeous! We love our side-by-side! They are so fun to "scoot" around in! Painting is such a chore, but sure does make a difference in the way your home feels...good luck and show us photos when you are done, maybe it will inspire me as well!

    Have a great week-end.


  6. Its all good!! What a wonderful place you live in to be able to go down those dirt roads. I didn't know you had those great cows at the end of the street. How awesome!! Its going to be so pretty when its all finished.

  7. Hi Kerin! I love that old trunk. Freshening the pain is always a good idea. We love doing home projects - especially when they are done! I love that mountain trail and would like to do some hiking there right now. I am trying to figure out how to get your blog back on my "follow" list, but thanks so much for visiting me and commenting.


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